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World-Class Visual Effects For Film + Television
Work done: Roto | Keying | Matchmove | Matchmation

Why us?

AB VFX expert team handles Rotoscopy, Clean-up, Keying, Match-move, Composting, On set Supervision & more.
Based in the city of Vancouver specializing in high end Visual Effects and Compositing, our studio is driven by a very close-knit management team who are all industry veterans to give you the best possible output for all your VFX requirements: for Feature Films, Commercials, Television Shows or Music Videos. AB VFX Studios is the best choice for those who are looking for creative and talented services with proven experience in client management, a comprehensive in-house pipeline structure and a very committed crew. If you have an exciting project, drop us a line and we can discuss how visual effects can take your projects to the next level and have got you covered. No Project is too big or small for us!
Cost Effective
High Quality
365 Days
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Our Services

AB Studios’s expert team handles rotoscopy, clean-up, keying, match-move, composting, on set supervision & more.

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